The night before heading back to a new school year can be pretty overwhelming. You're saying goodbye to sleep-in's, constant hang outs with friends, late night Youtube spirals, and heading back to class, a new year level, possibly even a new school.

The best bit of this though? You're totally not alone. Everyone else is half-excited, half-dreading heading back and everything you're feeling is completely valid. It got us thinking though - what advice did we wish someone had given us before walking back into the classroom?

Our presenting team got to thinking, and wanted to share the advice they wish they'd heard the night before school went back.


Dani Leever

It's cool to be different! Just keep being your out-there self, even if it takes some time for the world to catch up.

Matt Ondarchie

Don't put too much pressure on yourself. You're in control of your own destiny and can craft your High School years however you want.


Elsa Tuet-Rosenberg

Give everyone a chance to show you who they are! You never know who might turn into a lifelong friend, and it might not always be who you expect!


Liv Cuff

Hey, it's going to be a big change, and it's going to be different - but trust yourself, and know that you're fabulous exactly as you are.


Anuran De Silva

It's alright to be a bit of a floater and your differences are going to be your superpowers in the future.


Ethan Berry

Make sure to sleep well and ALWAYS bring as much food as you need.


Dani Weber

You can reinvent yourself as many times as you like! Life is full of possibility.

So, from the PROJECT ROCKIT family to you - you've got this.

Take 2018 and own it! 

Mel Darlington