The end

Well, you've reached the end of PROJECT ROCKIT Online. We hope you've had as much fun doing the program as we did putting it together. We honestly really love doing this work, it's what gets us up in the morning. PROJECT ROCKIT is Australia's youth driven movement against bullying, hate and prejudice and you're part of the now. 

Although you've come to the end of the program, we don't want this to be the end! We'd love for you to have more of PROJECT ROCKIT in your lives and we'd love to have you in our lives. You can make sure you stay connected via the following channels:



Want more? Download Workshop 3 music tracks, extra hot tips and hero profile below.


Behind the scenes


Although Workshop 3 is set at night, the opening scene was actually shot during the afternoon in order to get a really great quality image. Our photographic wiz took a sweet photo of Max, Madii, Jonnie, Peter and Alex, then changed the lighting in Photoshop so that it looks like night time. 


Music is a huge part of PROJECT ROCKIT. We wanted to give you some great music made by up-and-coming Aussie artists. So we teamed up with a bunch of people who've got the goods and inserted their music into the earphones of our passengers in Workshop 3. You can download all of the tracks via the earphone emoji above! You can read more about each artist here. Here's who we have onboard:

  • Elk and Mammoth

  • Ash Ball (also a PROJECT ROCKIT presenter!)

  • Janie Gordon

  • Ror Da Poet




This fierce young change-maker from Alice Springs has achieved some incredible things in his time on the planet. Inspired by his 2012 trip to Ethiopia, Caleb launched his own online platform for social change, The Aware Project. The Aware Project provides a safe online space to discuss issues like mental health, racism, poverty and homelessness. For his work Caleb has been awarded the Young Centralian Citizen of the Year award and the Foundation for Young Australians’ (FYA) Jumpstart award.

Having recently moved to Adelaide to study Law and International Relations, Caleb still makes time to hang with mates, listen to music, and obsess over Game of Thrones!

Draw your favourite food

What’s your favourite song lyric?

So get up off that slave ship, build your own pyramids, write your own hieroglyphs.” - Kendrick Lamar, HiiiPower

What makes you mad in the world?

Inequality in Australia and around the world. Stereotypes and assumptions without any knowledge

What are your top 3 values? 

Respect. Determination. Balance.

Favourite emoji?