Finding your passion

Having your own back to chase big dreams

Posted on June 5, 2020 by Ror


So you know what I decided to do? Well actually before I go into that let me tell you a bit about myself. So, my name is Ror I’m a musician, actor and a film writer… and a PROJECT ROCKIT presenter. 

I really got into music in late 2012 when a friend of mine took me to a studio in Fitzroy. After entering the studio and watching how my friends were creating and making music I got hooked after that and started writing my own stuff. Honestly at first, I found it hard, like real hard. I pretty much had to learn everything, but after that it became a breeze. Writing music lead to finding a passion in acting. The acting journey started off on stage, you know them shows you go to see and there’s actually real people on stage being all dramatic and that? Yeah I got into theatre acting, which I actually liked because I got to meet so many new friends and I got to be me but most importantly we got fed for free ;) 

Anyways recently I started searching on how to write script treatments. I know, fun right? How did I get into it you ask? Well from acting I got inspired to write films and started writing my own. After developing some cool concepts, I realised this isn’t actually easy. That’s when the research began. Lately I’ve been spending a lot of my time trying to understand the structure of films, I’ve been learning about treatments, synopsis, one liner and many more. I’m not going to lie, I am finding it a bit challenging there is so much information and it’s a vast industry, but I have to take it one step at a time. I’ve also been watching a lot of video tutorials on YouTube on filmmaking and what it takes. This led me to think about how many other people out there are probably looking into things they’re passionate about, but might be getting overwhelmed or stuck.

At PROJECT ROCKIT we like to break things down into tips so it’s easier to approach, and during such a tough time we know lots of you are online, or at home, spending time doing things you’re passionate about, or maybe learning new things you’re becoming passionate about. Here are out tips for finding your passion.

Hot Tip 1: Do your research on your favourite topics

Doing research can help you understand things that you had no idea about before and help you make the next move towards your goals. To me, YouTube is a great well to learn new things. I like visual representations, because this is the way that I honestly prefer to learn new content. I’ve been on so many different sites as well, sites such as Studio Binder, which is a platform for filmmakers it is packed with so many tools to use if that’s something you you’re passionate about.

Hot Tip 2: Learn the way you like to learn

Being able to take in information the way that works for you is very important. This way you will be able to learn quicker and at your own past as well. Since working out how I take in info, watching tutorials has led to writing scripts and much more practice that revolves around the film industry. My dream is to create films that could potentially change the industry and films that will have different stories to the currents, unique films in other words.

Hot Tip 3: Back yourself to get started

Last Hot Tip: We all have dreams, but dreams are just dreams if we don’t execute them and put some plans in motion. So whatever dream you have, I challenge you to go out there and chase it! You’ ve got to put in everything you have, all of your energy and your resources. Be your number one supporter. I know what it’s like when you feel like no one has your back. But sometimes we can get so lost in looking for other people’s support that we forget that we ourselves can have our own back to. Back yourself at all cost, follow those passions and live your dreams.