Photo of teens crowded around one guy next to a locker

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Behind the scenes

The lockers scene was shot at Wesley College in Melbourne, which was the first school to ever host a PROJECT ROCKIT workshop back in 2006! The students in the photos are young people who have had PROJECT ROCKIT in their schools - we all met up on a Saturday morning, took heaps of photos and head shots for each student to keep for themselves.

The dirty looks

It actually took us quite a while to get these right - believe it or not Cole, Mille, Ruby, Oliver, Tiana and Bella are actually really lovely people. If giving death stares doesn’t come naturally to you that’s probably a good thing. But these guys really helped us to show that even the look on your face has an impact when you see bullying happen.

White girl with long red hair sitting on a couch talking

Meet Savanna

Having met PROJECT ROCKIT cofounder Lucy at a camp, Sav has been a friend and supporter of PROJECT ROCKIT for years. She’s from Victoria, and has what sounds like the funnest job on Earth: she has an acting role as a witch in one of Melbourne’s best theatre restaurants! Sav lives and breathes performing, studies Creative Arts at University and stars in lots of local productions with dreams of one day being on the big stages of New York and London.

Inside your locker

When you looked in your locker during Workshop 1, you may have seen some extra stuff in there that didn’t quite make sense…
1. “The Wonderful World of Cats,” by Feline Fine, So how’re you feline?!
2. “In ❤ ️ with NYC” by C.Wood. Caitlin Wood is one of our team at PROJECT ROCKIT!
3. “Muggle Habits,” by A. Weasley. Did we mention we love Harry Potter?
4. “Cooking Spaghetti,” by Al Dente. Get it? In Italian ‘al dente’ describes pasta that is cooked to be firm.
5. “LJD” stands for Laura J Donnelly, but we call her Lawrad. Lawrad has worked on PROJECT ROCKIT Online from the start, she’s bombed herself into the workshops as much as she can. You’ll see more of her in Workshop 2, just look for the dreadlocks!
6. “Archie’s birthday, June 1?” P-ROCKer Archie is passionate about challenging gender expectations so all people can feel comfortable to be themselves. Archie’s birthday is June 1st - also the birthday of Morgan Freeman.
7. Whose username is @lucylockit? It’s our cofounder Lucy. She loves Instagram, mostly just posting random dog memes.