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Workshop 2 extras

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Sending 'curveballs'

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Behind the scenes

The opening scene was shot at St Kilda skatepark in Victoria. The scene was inspired by a place our cofounder Lucy visited in the USA called 'Venus Beach.' She spent a couple of hours at sunset watching people skate at the local skatepark overlooking the sea and listening in on people's conversations just like you did in this scene!

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Meet Michael

Michael is part of a long line of close and legendary siblings who are mates of PROJECT ROCKIT and we’ve known him since he was 8 years old. With his last year of high school underway in Melbourne, he is kicking goals in the classroom and thinks he might do something in economics. Michael loves his footy and is certainly kicking goals there too. When he learned Australia’s football leagues use balls made in illegal child labour conditions it just didn’t sit right with him, so he started a petition, gained close to 1,500 signatures, and became part of the movement that changed the way a major brand does business, for the better. What a winner!

First impressions

In Workshop 2 we met three people who showed us different parts of themselves to challenge the way that people are often labelled online. At PROJECT ROCKIT we believe that every person should be accepted for who they are, at school and online. This is why we've got to think past our snap judgements and remember that there's a real person behind every screen. Wouldn't be better if we focused on the things people love, rather than how they look? So... meet Frances (who loves singing), Minto (who loves zumba) and Lauren (who loves her pup Hendricks the French bulldog).