A tool for checking in

Wellbeing checks made easy ;)

Posted on June 2, 2020 by The PROJECT ROCKIT team

Are you video-calling your friends more than ever? We’ve heard from heaps of people who are spending more time chatting online with friends, but kind of saying less and less each time. Some of us have noticed that we knew what our friends were up to everyday, but were becoming less and less in touch with how they were actually going. 

Woman wearing head scarf using laptop foe video call with happy face

So, we at PROJECT ROCKIT got to thinking — if we were on a call with our friends and just blurted out “How are you really going?” it might come across as a bit random, or and might just laugh it off or think we were super intense and want to get off the call. Then we realised – what if we create a tool to make checking in easier.  

Quiz Time!

I find my communications with friends are more meaningful now that we’re isolated



This check-in checkerboard is a simple tool that makes checking in with friends simple and easy, and helps take away any pressure or awkwardness you might feel. 

So, how does it work?


  1. Set up a time to chat with your friends 
  2. Download the PROJECT ROCKIT check-in checkerboard

If your conversations surface anything that worries you or is too big to handle alone, make sure you get the support you deserve. You can find our recommended resources here.