Creating content on your phone

Posted on March 18, 2019 by Lucy

Woman standing in front an audience. She is giving a speech

These days you don’t need a full production lab to create content, just that phone that already probably comes travels most places with you. Even professional content creators are finding that using their phone to capture film comes with a bunch of advantages. You don’t have to lug around heavy, expensive gear. You can be spontaneous and film stuff on the go.`

Tech tips

  1. Avoid back-lighting (bright light behind your subject will make them into a silhouette) and film your subject quite close up
  2. Set up your shot to film in landscape, not portrait orientation
  3. Use a smartphone tripod if possible or hold the phone with two hands to avoid a shaky camera
  4. Use a lapel or USB microphone if possible and be careful of background noise (especially wind)
  5. Clean your lens!

silhouette of a person in front of a sunsetsmartphone on a tripodan iPad in landscape mode

Content tips

  1. Prepare exactly what you want to say before filming so that you don’t find yourself getting flustered
  2. Put the content in your own words (no thesaurus necessary)
  3. Pick a private and quiet space so that you’re not self-conscious
  4. Get a friend to stand behind the camera so that you can speak to them authentically
  5. Smile before you start filming to give yourself a boost of natural energy and confidence
Quiz Time!

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