How to make your own zine

Get creative on the stuff you care about

Posted on June 5, 2020 by The PROJECT ROCKIT team

Spending time online can involve a lot of screen time – video calls, gaming, scrolling, watching 6 hours of viral videos… 

Sometimes our eyes just need a break from staring at a screen and diving into creativity is one way to give your brain a break. Today we’re going to be looking at a creative outlet that anyone can get involved with – even if you’re not the arty type. 

Quiz Time!

Have you ever heard of a zine?

Heck yes!


A zine is a booklet of text and images which you can publish on your own – on any topic. It’s like a magazine but smaller – when you get rid of the ‘maga,’ you’re left with a zine! Zines are usually drawn or stuck together by hand and reproduced via a photocopier, but you can also make them using editing apps or programs. The point isn’t to create something perfect, it’s supposed to be rough and ready to go. It’s a bit like the idea behind memes – sticking together different parts of pop culture and adding your own comment or twist.

Close up person drawing with colored felt-tip pens on paper with pictures and notepads on desk at home

Creating zines is an awesome way to explore the communities, entertainment, issues or online activities that matter most to you.  There are heaps of subcultures using both online and paper zines in creative ways. So what will your zine be about? The first step is working out what you’re into:

  • Are you into RPG gaming? Create your own RPG gaming zine.
  • Into punk and hardcore music? Create a zine sharing reviews on recent releases.
  • Or perhaps you’re into reading fanfiction? Create a zine to share your own pieces.
  • Maybe you’re cosplay? Make your own how-to zine for your favourite characters.

Illustrator freehand sketching motorcycle rider with pencil, selective focus

Here’s a quick and easy video tutorial to help you make an easy 8 page zine with 1 sheet of paper. Once you’ve worked out how to fold the page, you might want to start with this – A Beginner’s Guide to Making Zines? You could even make a ‘quarantine zine’ capturing what life’s like during social distancing.

We created our own printable zine using an art tool called Electric Zine Maker, which is for available for download on either macOS or Windows. The tool is really quirky and looks like an old school arcade game, which makes it more fun to mess around with.

You can download a copy of our own PROJECT ROCKIT zine here.