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What messages do YOU want to send to people struggling right now?

Posted on June 12, 2020 by The PROJECT ROCKIT team

In conversations about social media, it’s really common to flip to the negative: Nasty comments, online hate, unhealthy comparisons that make people feel terrible. The kind of interactions that give you the message that you’re not good enough, or that people don’t care about you. We understand the kind of impact that those messages can have on a person, they really bring you down.

Then there’s the stereotypes about ‘young people’ and technology that also send a bunch of negative messages. If you believed everything you heard you might think that young people only want to spend time on our phones, we’re obsessed with how we look, and we can’t tell the difference between gaming and real life.

Teenage girls using a smartphone to take a selfie in a bedroom hangout and friendship concept

In reality though, it’s the users of technology who set the scene for how our digital interactions play out. Yes there is negativity out there, but we can drown it out with positive content and messaging. So for the purpose of this exercise, we want to get rid of the negative stuff, throw it in the bin and hit delete.

About a year ago, we asked people to send in the type of messages that they’d actually want to hear about themselves online. We’ve been collecting these messages from school students ever since. Some people have shared messages by video, others have put their messages into writing. 

Cheerful teenager in casual clothes with cell phone in park.

You can check out our gallery of messages here.

If you follow the above link, you’ll be able to send through your own uplifting messages too. This is an opportunity to share your thoughts with people who might need to hear them the most. We’ll upload more and more videos and quotes to our website to support people all over Australia and across the world. 

Quiz Time!

Do you think people you know generally feel more positive after spending time online or more negative?

More positive

More negative

When we can access positive messages about ourselves, they really help to balance or even drown out hate. The content we share has the capacity to make people feel good about themselves, their life, or even just laugh in the moment. That’s why we’re all about being mindful about how we want people to feel –
before we post. We’re right behind you to spread the word.