Spreading good news

What sort of news do you want your friends to consume?

Posted on May 26, 2020 by The PROJECT ROCKIT team

When we spend lots of time online, we’re often exposed to a fair bit of negative news – seeing so much of that kind of content that can really bring us down. Sometimes this can be really overwhelming, especially if we don’t get a regular dose of good news to balance the bad. 

Quiz Time!

Has bad news gotten you down or do you just tend to dust it off?

It got me down

I dusted it off

At PROJECT ROCKIT, we think that it’s important to share positive news stories, especially if global or mainstream news is getting you down. We can look to smaller actions of courage or kindness that happen around us everyday – and use these to lift up others. So, this week your challenge is to create your own news story – a chance for you to share something positive with your friends at a time when they might need it most.

Schoolboy using laptop in classroom at school

All you have to do is follow these 4 easy steps.

Step 1: Download the Good News Story handout.

Step 2: Choose a person or story in your community to focus your story on. It could be as simple as a story about your little brother finally finishing that 1000 piece puzzle, a friend’s skateboarding competition, or celebrating a personal quality of someone you know.

Step 3:
Fill out the template.

Step 4:
Feel free to send through your articles to [email protected] or to the person in the story to say #WeGotThis.