Teachers Resources


With the boom of technology, our lives have exploded into the online world. Social media, gaming and apps provide young people with endless opportunities to connect, learn and creatively express themselves. And, as we know, there is also a dark side to the digital world, which robs young people of this safe space to be themselves.

PROJECT ROCKIT is Australia's youth driven movement against bullying, hate and prejudice. For the past decade we have been running strengths-based, interactive workshops that empower young people to stand up to bullying. We have taken the program online so that all young people can access awesome resources regardless of their geographic location.

PROJECT ROCKIT Online is an innovative online curriculum that has been designed by young people for young people under the guidance of leading researchers, educators, instructional designers and youth experts.

To compliment the student learning experience, we have developed a teacher resource guide, loaded with additional activities, discussion questions, parent tips and classroom hand-outs. You can access the guide via the link on this page.

To extend the impact of PROJECT ROCKIT Online even further, we recommend booking a face-to-face workshop at your school.