Relationships and Sales Manager

“We cant help everyone, but everyone can help someone” - Ronald Reagan

Alex originally hails from the regional NSW town of Albury (Not Wodonga, lets make that clear) and has been making his own way in the big smoke of Melbourne since 2011. As an RMIT communications graduate with a major in Public relations, Alex joins the PROJECT ROCKIT team as sales and school relationships manager for face-to-face workshops.

Alex is an easy going and enthusiastic communications professional with experience working in both a local and international setting. From working for an international design firm in Beijing China, to a tiny boutique PR agency here in Melbourne, Alex has a wealth of experience to bring to the proverbial table. However it was his time with the Australian Youth Climate Coalition in 2013 as a National Recruiter when he realised where his true passions lay. To return to a youth led organisation and be surrounded by young people who are motivated, determined and enthusiastic about tackling issues close to their hearts is something he is stoked to be apart of once again. 

Not one for sitting still, Alex has a passion for travel that has taken him to all corners of the globe. His mission is to have always visited more countries than his age, a successful endeavor so far. When he isn’t cliff jumping in Croatia or snorkeling off the coast of Turkey, you can find him hunting for the best Melbourne rooftop bar or running along the inner city jogging trails.

 Never shying away from a challenge, Alex cant wait to create some meaningful change in the little slice of the world he finds himself in.

Nicknames: Al, Delaney, Delaylay, Adele

Likes: Survivor (and to a lesser extent, all reality tv), running, fresh sheets, patting other people’s dogs, travel, coffee, costume parties

Dislikes: People who don’t get into costume party themes, celery, when Netflix tells me to take a break, Ignorance

Mel Darlington