Lead Presenter


Authentic, passionate, and a little bit crazy, Ash’s enjoys living life as random as he can make it. Ash is often pinned as the extravert, but deep down Ash craves less of the limelight and is driven by a genuine passion to advocate for young people.

If you had of spoken to Ash after finishing Year 12, he never would’ve predicted that he’d be going back into school everyday! In fact, if you’d told him what he would achieve or be doing today, he’d have said “Yeah right mate!” (literally). After leaving school, Ash turned down a scholarship to study music (crazy) — his parents thought he was absolutely nuts and he probably was — but now Ash has been presenting at PROJECT ROCKIT for two years.

When he is not talking to students across the country, Ash is teaching his own students at Instone Creative. In 2016 Ash launched his very own music school with his partner Kayla, called Instone Creative. Instone was founded with the hope to encourage people to discover what creativity looks like on them. As a singer/ songwriter, Ash has chased every opportunity to play music and managed to sing to people throughout the country. His songs have even won some awards and he has appeared on both The Voice and X-Factor. Ash is renowned by his friends and family as the guy who sings while doing anything and everything, including singing in his sleep.

It’s fair to say that Ash lives every aspect of his life by the same mantra he tells students everyday, which is “Trust me, your passion looks good on you”.

Nicknames: Baller, Ballstein.

Likes: His guitar collection (all 14 of them!), playing basketball, watching daily VLOGS on YouTube and eating pasta.

Dislikes: Not being as good at basketball as he'd like to imagine, people eating loudly near him, a messy bedroom, close-mindedness.

Pets: Zara his miniature sausage dog (Yes… she is as cute as she sounds).

Mel Darlington