Lead Presenter

“Reach for the stars, so if you fall you’ll land on a cloud.” - Kanye West

Dani Leever/DL is a writer, workshop presenter, storyteller and definitely not actually a golden retriever wearing human clothing. They’re a  lover of early 2000’s Nickeloden shows and also is also the fourth member of Destiny’s Child. 

When they’re not working with young people around the country for PROJECT ROCKIT, they’re volunteering for Minus18, an LGBTQIA youth organization as well as headspace, a mental health service provider. They’re incredibly passionate about social justice, activism and equality.

Dani has written for SBS, VICE, Pedestrian.tv, Broadsheet, JUNKEE and a few more. They’re the online content assistant for Archer Magazine, a progressive gender and sexuality magazine. They write about feminism, LGBTIQA issues, pop culture and mental health. Except one time they wrote about getting their cat an energy cleanse and it went viral in Germany (true story). 

Dani studied Professional Communication at RMIT, where they was the recipient of the George Alexander Foundation Scholarship for leadership and community involvement. In 2015, Dani co-ran the Safe Schools Story Project, which empowered young people to send in their stories and experiences being queer in high school. They regularly perform in storytelling slams, have worked in film and documentary production and also do dog walking on the side. As you can guess, they never sleep.

LIKES: Mermaids, Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs, friendship, Lizze Mcquire, making collages about their feelings, wearing colourful wigs, looking at pictures of dogs on the Internet, the solar system, RuPaul’s Drag Race and vinyl records.    

DISLIKES: How obsessed they are with Vampire Diaries, the bottom of the ocean, bigoted and hateful people, having scary dreams about zombies, running out of podcasts to listen to. 

Mel Darlington