Digital Growth, Sales, and Relationships Wizard



Melbourne born and raised, Nick is a lover of all things caffeinated, burgery (is that a thing?), and nerdy, with a touch of a rugby obsession on the side. Nick is driven by a passion for equality, both in resources and rights, and he believes both traditional and non-traditional education is the major driver of this. He also believes that breakfast for dinner is completely acceptable. 

Before connecting with P-ROCK, Nick worked in a similar role at Edrolo, a digital resource evolving the traditional classroom, and spent time working in Public Relations, Content Marketing, and in other start-up roles. He is currently undertaking further studies in Economics. 

Nick's role at PROJECT ROCKIT, is about growing acsess to our suite of strengths-based resources. As a self-identified techvangelist, Nick is convinced that PROCK's new digital offering is the key extending our positive reach, message, and movement to every corner of Australia. 

"When people are armed with the tools to think critically about the situations they see in day-to-day life, that's when they can grow and become part of the solution. We want to see young people from different strokes unite under one banner and engage in and drive PROCK's movement." 


Mel Darlington