Elsa is the smallest and loudest member of the PROJECT ROCKIT team. She is an enthusiastic and critically engaged pocket rockit with more energy and personal projects than time. She studies Social Work and Psychology at RMIT and is committed to maintaining a healthy work/life balance that engages her interests, skills and values. 

Social justice has always been a major focus in Elsa’s life and upbringing, particularly the ways that multiple aspects of a person’s identity interact within themselves and in society. She is passionate about building and supporting community, and visibility for marginalised groups. She is committed to providing education on issues around prejudice and systemic discrimination, and allowing space for marginalised groups to express themselves in ways that are true and empowering to them. 

When she is not at PROJECT ROCKIT, she enjoys learning Spanish, listening to podcasts, travelling, and coming up with new creative nicknames for her cat, Luna. Elsa will stop at nothing to minimise food waste, and loves cooking amazing and creative vegan meals. One real life testimonial includes: “I can’t even tell that this is vegan!”

Elsa has worked extensively with young people, as a musical theatre teacher, running birthday parties, as a mentor, and in a social work role. She has also facilitated peer to peer learning workshops at RMIT for the Study and Learning Centre, and has been a tutor for international students at Melbourne Girls’ College.

If Elsa was Captain Planet, her Planeteers would represent: Empathy, Learning, Critical Thinking, Fearlessness and Humble-Brags/ Self-love. 

Mel Darlington