"Why didn't I just listen to me?" - JD, Scrubs

If Ethan were a kitchen appliance he would definitely be a toaster; he is both warm and sensitive, and he consumes a LOT of bread.

Working with young people inspires Ethan more than almost anything else. He is an advocate for creativity and is excited by the breadth of learning styles that empower young people in different ways. From being the new 16 year-old’s first ally as the training leader at the local fast-food shop, to being a 3-day-a-week nanny, he loves helping someone figure out their potential. Now as a part of Australia’s youth-driven movement against bullying, hate and prejudice, Ethan is being inspired differently by young people every day.

Ethan cares deeply about environmental sustainability and climate action, and feels happiest when he is adventuring through the outside world. Scuba diving, hiking, surfing and exploring are things that make his gears turn and drive him to help maintain a healthy planet. Ethan has a bachelor of science with a major in chemistry, and he is especially interested in the advancement of solar power and big battery technology for sustainable energy infrastructure.

Making music and discovering new local artists is something he loves more than anything. He has played as the guitarist in a number of Melbourne-based bands, and spends many of his evenings enjoying live music from emerging artists across the board. Trawling through the new album releases every Friday make him eager for the weekend’s listening sessions and keep him pumped through the week; radio-presenter and enduring gig-goer, Ethan is a certified music nerd.

LIKES: clean whiteboards, underwater nature documentaries, Lilo & Stitch, reheated noodles

DISLIKES: sitting still, dried apricots, hearing hateful comments, having blocked ears, crumbs in bed

Mel Darlington