Liv’s spices for life are empathy and open mindedness. When she was 4 her Dad asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up, and she said “a brother”. When she was 5, he asked her again, and she said “a dog”. And yes, this required her being fed and patted like a dog for the next 3 months. Her ultimate dream has and always will be to work with Orangutans in Borneo. She’s still counting on these dreams to come true (maybe all 3 at the same time).

Amidst these other aspirations, Liv has always been passionate about social justice and community building. She completed her Bachelor of Arts with focus’ in Indigenous Studies and Sociology at Melbourne University in 2016, the final year of which was taken at McGill University in Montreal (where she almost died of frost bite on multiple occasions). Her undergraduate degree cultivated her interest and dedication to tackle social inequality and the systems that actively work to marginalise particular groups of people.

This has taken form through her volunteering and working with a diverse range of communities ranging from running camps, activities and facilitating  workshops with CALD to LGTQIAP+ communities and young people with a parent or guardian with a mental illness. Liv strongly believes that in order to tackle prejudice and enact social change, it is first and foremost important to elevate and listen to the voices of people with lived experience of discrimination. 

When she’s not at PROJECT ROCKIT Liv loves making art, going for walks in the Dandenong Ranges where she grew up, being with her friends and family who she adores (cliché but very true).

LIKES: Her dog Jessie (she is in fact her soulmate), Mountain Ash Gums, conversations that make her cry, Mariah Carey, having encounters with snakes in the bush, and odd animal couples

DISLIKES: Birds, belly buttons, stubbornness, and grudges

Mel Darlington