They say good things come in small packages. That size doesn’t matter. These are attitudes Matt has embraced his whole life, continually challenging the status quo and unapologetically being himself. 

Never one to get complacent, Matt’s story is one of fitting as much into life as possible. Born and raised in Melbourne to mixed race parents, his youth was divided among three distinct avenues; school, sport and music.

Upon finishing Year 12, Matt completed a Bachelor of Law at Victoria University; a degree which saw him spend time studying in the UK where he  also coached and played cricket competitively. Travelling throughout Europe and attending some of the world’s biggest music festivals re-ignited a spark deep within Matt, who upon returning to Australia in late 2012, founded the R.E.A.L Collaboration - an independent creative house of young recording artists, producers, videographers and designers. 

While developing R.E.A.L into a record label and media enterprise, Matt’s long history of volunteer work with young people drove him to complete a Diploma of Youth Work. Having worked in several youth communities including AOD, CALD and those with disabilities, Matt’s particular focus is engaging with disenfranchised POC youth and empowering them through music and media.

In late 2016, Matt and his brother Junor launched AUD’$: a hip-hop radio station and media channel which provides a platform for young emerging talent to showcase their music - 70% of which come from culturally diverse backgrounds. When not behind the scenes managing the label, Matt performs as a rapper and guitarist, while also touring around the country as a DJ for artists on his roster. This journey has seen him perform at festivals in front of thousands of people, as well rubbing shoulders with names including Justin Bieber and T-Pain. 

LIKES: Garlic Bread, Tall Tees, DJing in the Uber, Quoting movies at inappropriate times. 

DISLIKES: Writing Bios, Snakes, Brussel Sprouts, Getting up at 3am just to watch Arsenal lose.

PETS: Nala the Wonderdog + a feline ball of fur named Missy. 

Mel Darlington