Tarsha Jago


Support Team

Tarsha sailed the high seas from Tasmania to study Law and Arts at Monash University. She is a proud Palawa Women who comes from a long line of Matriarchs. She brings with her a great deal of campaigning experience making her a fabulous gal for marketing the wonders of PROJECT ROCKIT to educators.

Knowing that the future of tomorrow belongs to the youth of today Tarsh is passionate about inspiring and shaping the values of young people. She is active in the Aboriginal community and the LGBT community and found their intersection when she started blackfullas for Marriage Equality and Faboriginals. You might find her doing the odd stand up gig or selling weaved earrings at a market.

With a dream of completing her law degree and one day racing a speed boat there is little time to rest. When she does have spare time you will find her on the couch eating blueberries and watching terrible Adam Sandler movies or trawling through the shoe aisle of Savers.

Nicknames: Tarsh, Aunty Tarshy, Jago, Ecuador

Likes: OITNB, Fried Chicken Burgers, Dogs, the colour Pink and the Aboriginal Matriarchy  

Dislikes: Coriander, Bigots, the possum stuck in my roof, Android

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