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Building on 15 years of running award-winning school workshops, we've launched a new series of interactive webinars to help young people thrive in this time of online learning.

Innovative, creative, inspiring.

As our lives spill further online, supporting young people to connect positively is more important than ever. Our brand new interactive webinars will support your school community during this period of change. Your students will learn tangible skills to maintain digital wellbeing, including how to look out for each other online, take positive action on the issues they care about, and use technology to foster social connection.

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Engaging & interactive

With a highly creative delivery designed for students spanning 5-9, featuring interactive polls and live Q&A with passionate, young presenters.

Activities & handouts

All online learning is supported with follow-up exercises, discussion questions, posters, and handouts that can be downloaded for free.

Curriculum alignment

Learning outcomes are aligned to the Australian Wellbeing framework for schools and fit to the Australian curriculum years 5-9 milestones.

Flexible delivery

The series is easy and flexible to access from any internet browser at a time that suits you. We're here to make things easy for you!

Primary and Secondary webinars

Grade 5/6 webinars

Primary students are experiencing a whole new world of learning remotely, and are needing support to explore the safe and positive use of the online world. We'll share practical strategies to build healthy digital wellbeing and learn how to grow awesome friendships and connection - on and offline. Through engaging exercises, students will grow their leadership skills to create positive action online, in a time where all of our actions can make a difference.

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Year 7-9 webinars

The move towards online learning opens up a world of opportunities for secondary students. This series is all about empowering young people to challenge (cyber)bullying, support peers, navigate the online world safely and develop tools for digital wellbeing. Through critical thinking and reflection-based tasks, students will build a toolkit of strategies to make the most of online world, while looking out for each other and creating meaningful connection.

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"eLearning lets students who may be intimidated by others say what they think without the fear of getting it wrong in front of their peers. I've seen a huge change in my students opening up and being more supportive since PROJECT ROCKIT" - Educator, Ipswich Girls Grammar

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    Addresses Professional Standards 4, 6 & 7 (Professional Engagement) of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers
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