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About the Action Hub

So you've plugged into the PROJECT ROCKIT online Action Hub. But where does it fit and what next?

PROJECT ROCKIT Digital Ambassadors

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PROJECT ROCKIT Digital Ambassadors unites students across Australian schools to participate in a national movement of change against (cyber)bullying, that is led by young people for young people.

This online Action Hub is designed to convert what would otherwise a positive one-off experience into tangible, lasting change that can be led by young people. Through the hub, both studentsĀ andĀ educators plug into a collective, youth-designed toolkit that they gives them everything they need to create social change in their own school communities.


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PROJECT ROCKIT Digital Ambassadors is here!

It's time to shake up the way we tackle (cyber)bullying.In 2019 we'll be uniting students across Australia to join a national movement of change against online hate. PROJECT ROCKIT Digital Ambassadors will equip 10,000 students with tools to spark action in their schools and build a safer, kinder digital world. And it's powered by Facebook and Instagram so it's free to be involved!Register you school at

Posted by PROJECT ROCKIT on Monday, December 17, 2018

What's is a Digital Ambassador?

A Digital Ambassador is a powerful source of leadership in the online world. Through support and allyship, they make every effort to choose kindness. They utilise strategies to safely connect and tackle online hate. Digital Ambassadors recognise their power in the online world and use that power for good. They use their unique strengths to stand up, challenge the status quo and reclaim technology.

The three stages

STAGE 1: Unite and connect through our face-to-face event series

Year 7, 8 and 9 students are invited to attend a series of high energy workshops with training to become a Digital Ambassador. Launching in metro and regional communities across Australia.

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STAGE 2: Plug into our online Action Hub to develop skills and support

After the event, PROJECT ROCKIT Digital Ambassadors plug into to our online Action Hub to get skills, inspo, and learn how to use their online power for good with peer-to-peer support.

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STAGE 3: Join Australia's youth-driven movement against (cyber)bullying

PROJECT ROCKIT Digital Ambassadors are equipped to use their online power for good, joining a powerful movement of over 300,000 other young people who are rallied beside them.

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Who we'll reach

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600+ schools joining Australia's youth-driven movement against (cyber)bullying

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10,000+ students empowered as PROJECT ROCKIT Digital Ambassadors

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Launching events into 40 urban, regional and remote events across the next two years