Rosie and Lucy delivering keynote speech


Empower your school community with PROJECT ROCKIT’s signature keynotes and assembly talks. Our engaging sessions, led by Co-Founders Lucy Thomas OAM and Rosie Thomas OAM are designed to inspire, educate and mobilise students to lead positive change.

These dynamic sessions, typically lasting 20 minutes, are followed by an interactive Q&A segment, providing students with the opportunity to engage directly with our visionary leaders. Our talks are customisable to suit your school's unique needs and can accommodate any group size.



During their formative years, Rosie and Lucy Thomas observed the far-reaching consequences of bullying, impacting everyone involved.

Now, with 18 years dedicated to PROJECT ROCKIT, their commitment to combating bullying is stronger than ever. As keynote speakers, they've influenced the lives of countless young individuals worldwide.

Their impactful work has earned recognition from UNICEF, The University of Melbourne, The Foundation for Young Australians, and the global Family Online Safety Institute in Washington D.C. 

Notably, they've been awarded Order of Australia Medal for their exceptional service to youth and dedication to addressing the issue of bullying.

"Could listen to Lucy all day as she is inspiring and such a fountain of knowledge and her passion is just as evident."

- Educator, attending ProPsych Conference 2023



By Rosie Thomas OAM

Ideal for students in year levels 5-12, and young adults.

Rosie shares her journey from underestimation to entrepreneurship, focusing on leadership and key themes like bullying, social change, and career development.

Rosie challenges students to redefine leadership by asking "who do you want to be?" and offers practical strategies for challenging norms, finding purpose, and standing up against bullying.

She inspires students to embrace their potential as leaders and change-makers both in school and beyond.


Taking Everyday Positive Action

By Lucy Thomas OAM

Ideal for secondary school students, and young adult.

In this workshop centered around social leadership, Lucy guides students through their unique career journey in establishing PROJECT ROCKIT.

Through interactive sessions and discussions, they empower students with practical tools and insights to become effective social leaders.

By emphasizing the importance of empathy, collaboration, and action, Lucy inspires students to harness their influence for positive change in their communities.

Through this workshop, students learn how to leverage their voices and skills to address pressing social issues and make a lasting impact.


Building Mental Health Online

By Lucy Thomas OAM

Ideal for secondary school students, and young adults.

Drawing from their extensive experience working with teens and advising social media platforms, Lucy offers valuable insights into managing mental health amidst digital participation.

They explore the intersection between technology and mental wellbeing, providing practical strategies for fostering a healthy digital lifestyle while prioritising mental health.

Throughout the talk, Lucy emphasises the importance of mindfulness, self-care, and digital balance in promoting overall wellbeing in today's digital landscape.


Challenging Cyberbullying

By Lucy Thomas OAM

Ideal for secondary school students, and young adults.

Lucy discusses key themes of bullying, inclusion, and fostering proactive bystander behaviours.

Leveraging their experience in rallying teens against hate, they offer insights and strategies to combat cyberbullying effectively.

Lucy emphasises the importance of cultivating inclusive digital environments and encourages bystanders to take assertive action against bullying.

Through their presentation, attendees learn how to promote empathy, advocate for others, and cultivate a culture of respect online.

Lucy's keynote inspires individuals to become active agents of positive change.


"Rosie is an extraordinary leader and voice to stand to reason. As a public speaker, she'll unlock value from the entire audience. As a pragmatist, she'll remove the roadblocks and steer the change needed."

- Entrepreneurs&Co.


  • Inspiring Leadership: Lucy and Rosie bring their passion and expertise to every keynote, inspiring students to stand up, speak out, and make a difference in their communities.

  • Customised Content: Our keynotes are tailored to address the specific challenges faced by students and young people, providing practical strategies and actionable insights.

  • Interactive Engagement: Engage students in meaningful dialogue and empower them to become change-makers through interactive Q&A sessions.

  • Lasting Impact: Equip your school community with the tools and knowledge needed to create a safer, more inclusive environment for all students.

Please speak to our Bookings Team for the specific requirements of your keynote or if students may have accessibility needs. We strive to make our workshops as accessible and inclusive as possible. Please check out our Diversity Considerations ( here ) ahead of our visit.

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