Change-makers, activists and cofounders of PROJECT ROCKIT, Lucy and Rosie Thomas have dedicated their lives to making the world better for young people. The Thomas sisters launched PROJECT ROCKIT when they were fresh out of school and restless for change on issues of bullying, hate and prejudice. Fast forward over a decade and PROJECT ROCKIT is a thriving social enterprise, reaching hundreds of thousands of students and serving as go-to youth cybersafety partner of major social media platforms. Rosie and Lucy regularly appear in the media and have received numerous awards honouring their work. As seasoned speakers, Lucy and Rosie have an ability to connect with any audience.


Sisters Lucy and Rosie Thomas launched PROJECT ROCKIT when they were fresh out of school because they saw an opportunity to stand up and create positive change in the world. Plus, they wanted to create a platform for other young people to do the same. What started as an idea has evolved into a movement that has reached hundreds of thousands of young people and taken the sisters on a wild ride around the world. They’ve been honoured in Washington D.C. with the International Award for Outstanding Achievement in Cybersafety and been flown to Silicon Valley to work directly at the Global HQs of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Students will hear first-hand the story of how Rosie and Lucy ditched the mould, launched a movement against bullying, kick-started their careers and all of the wins and fails along the way. Themes include following your passion, overcoming adversity, leadership, building a movement and inventing your career. This is a careers talk with a difference. 

Audience size: 60+
Timeframe: ~15-30 minutes

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Rosie and Lucy tap into their 10+ years of learning around the issues of bullying and cybersafety and share the unique PROJECT ROCKIT approach that grown into Australia's youth driven movement against (cyber)bullying, hate and prejudice.

As cybersafety experts, digital natives and advocates for young people, Rosie and Lucy celebrate technology and demonstrate the power of young people leading the way in creating a safer and kinder digital world. These presentations shed light on the development of PROJECT ROCKIT's innovative 'show-not-tell' approach, real student insights and positive strategies to empower young people to stand up to hate instead of standing by watching.

Note, this style of presentation is well suited to conferences and events with the intention of shaking up expectations and injecting a dose of energy and passion.

Audience size: 30+
Timeframe: ~30 minutes

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At PROJECT ROCKIT, we believe you're never too young or too old to change the world and this talk demonstrates how. 

Lucy and Rosie have presented on major Australian and international stages and to the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, Xero, Telstra, L'oreal, ANZ and more. Lucy and Rosie share the story of how they transformed their idea for a better world into reality and built a powerful social movement along the way. Talks touch on a range of themes from bullying, cybersafety and leadership to overcoming adversity, finding purpose, social innovation and building a movement (or can be tailored to suit). Rosie and Lucy are powerful storytellers and your audience will leave inspired, motivated and empowered to lead positive change.

Audience size: 50+
Timeframe: 15-30 minutes

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"Rosie and Lucy Thomas are the perfect blend of youthful enthusiasm and a mature understanding of complex social, behavioural and technology issues. They commit to projects 100%, are dedicated in their preparation and deliver on the day, when they own the room and win the audience over - students, teachers, parents, government officials and ministers alike."

 - Mia Garlick, Head of Policy for AUST/NZ, Facebook and Instagram



Although they were born three years apart, Rosie and Lucy Thomas hold a common vision born from shared values, which has translated into a strong social impact. They have been jointly honoured by the Global Family Online Safety Institute with the Award for Outstanding Achievement in Cybersafety (2013) and in 2014 and were named by UNICEF among 12 Digital Champions for Children's Rights in the Digital Age. In 2015, The Foundation for Young Australians recognised Lucy and Rosie as joint recipients of the Unleashed Trailblazer Award, celebrating those leading the way in innovative youth engagement practice.

Together the duo sit on several consultative groups including Twitter's Global Trust and Safety Council and the Australian Office of the eSafety Commissioner's Online Safety Consultative Working Group. Now here's how to tell them apart:

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Rosie Thomas

Empowerpreneur, social justice junkie and co-founder of PROJECT ROCKIT, Rosie is considered one of Australia’s best and brightest emerging change-makers and social innovators. Having built PROJECT ROCKIT straight out of high school, Rosie is committed to providing totally innovative opportunities for young people to realise their potential.

Rosie is highly energetic and passionate facilitator, keynote speaker and MC. As youth and cybersafety expert, Rosie has appeared in a number of media outlets including, including Sunrise and The Project. Rosie is passionate about using business to solve longstanding social problems. In her spare time, she acts as a business mentor for young entrepreneurs and sits on several advisory boards.


  • 100 Women of Influence, AFR and Westpac 2015

  • Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award, League of Extraordinary Women, 2015

  • Young Social Pioneer, FYA, 2015

  • Social Entrepreneur of the Year, Melbourne, SSE, 2012

Lucy Thomas, BCA (Hons), GDipPsych, PGDipPsych

Growing up, Lucy Thomas always figured that “someone should really do something about bullying.” Then she realised: I am that someone. Now more than a decade after cofounding PROJECT ROCKIT, Lucy has personally worked with hundreds of thousands of young people all over the country and established herself as a creative and innovative force in the youth space, and within the LGBTI sector.

Lucy loves all things creative - music, art, words, ideas... and Instagram! Lucy has contributed to popular media with articles for Elle Magazine and SheRa Mag and regular appearances on Triple J's Hack program and Channel 10's The Project


Awards and co-curricular:

  • Rising Star Alumni Award, University of Melbourne 2016

  • 100 Women of Influence, AFR and Westpac 2016

  • Finalist, LGBTI Person of the Year, Globe Awards 2015

  • 30 Under 30 Awards Winner, Anthill Magazine 2010