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Jay Metaverse

Our Metaverse: Young People and the Digital Future

Jay Metaverse

First, there was the Internet. Then came social media. The metaverse will be the next chapter in the evolution of social technology – an immersive, three-dimensional social space with the ability to both parallel and completely reimagine our physical world, facilitated by extant and future immersive technologies.

Thanks to support from Meta, PROJECT ROCKIT embarked on a world-first youth consultation project, "Our Metaverse," to identify young people's top hopes and concerns in relation to our shared digital future, the metaverse.

The project team convened 42 Youth Consultants aged between 18 to 25, nominated by PROJECT ROCKIT and 7 other leading organisations in youth, mental health, and technology from across Australia:

Emily Unity presenting Our Metaverse at Meta HQ in Sydney, Australia
Emily Unity presenting Our Metaverse at Meta HQ in Sydney, Australia

The consultation was convened across four roundtables spanning several months, with the final session hosted in social VR space. As the group dived deep into critical conversation, we together explored the opportunities, risks, safety and privacy concerns, accessibility and inclusion factors, and formed recommendations for the development of the Metaverse.

The project sought out specific participation from several focus communities at greater risk of encountering negative online experiences rather than producing a representative sample.

These include people who identify as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, LGBTQIA+, lived and living experience of mental health challenges and recovery, disabilities, neurodiversity, and more. Among our youth consultants, 85% identified with 2 or more of these lived experience areas.


A collage of photos captured at the Our Metaverse Launch Event in Meta HQ, Sydney Australia
A collage of photos captured at the Our Metaverse Launch Event in Meta HQ, Sydney Australia 


“In the metaverse, I’m not judged for things I can't control - my race, gender, or creed. But instead for the true value of my ideas.”

The resulting report "Our Metaverse: Young People and the Digital Future" serves to guide the variety of stakeholders responsible for designing, building, and regulating the metaverse.

Download the full report.

The Our Metaverse report was launched in late 2022 at Meta HQ with partner organisations, youth consultants and presented to delegates at the Global 2022 Meta Summit on Youth Safety and Well-Being.

Thanks to Meta for making this project possible. Enquiries relating to the Our Metaverse project can be directed to [email protected] , or fill in a request through our Contact Us Page.


Navigating new technologies can be confusing, but we've got you covered with our brand new Metaverse Youth Safety Guide (supported by Meta).

Our Metaverse Youth Safety Guide is a trusted resource for young people and their educators, parents, and guardians to navigate emerging digital technologies with confidence, safety, and inclusivity in mind. Coauthored by our CEO Lucy Thomas OAM and Metaverse Project Manager Emily Unity, the guide builds young people’s digital literacy and is packed with practical privacy and safety strategies.

Our downloadable quick guide, full guide, and video resources provide easy-to-understand information and practical tips to help you explore this exciting digital realm with confidence.

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