Launching: Digital Ambassadors

In an Australian-first, landmark partnership, PROJECT ROCKIT is teaming up with Facebook and Instagram to build the next generation of Digital Ambassadors all over Australia.

You can use your online power for good

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PROJECT ROCKIT Digital Ambassadors unites students across Australian schools to participate in a national movement of change against (cyber)bullying, that is led by young people for young people.

This youth-driven program will equip your students with tools to take control of online platforms, provide strategies to shut down online hate and (cyber)bullying, and empower them to take positive action online on the issues they care about.

Your students can attend the online events at school or home, so whether you are on-site or remote learning, you can take part!

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PROJECT ROCKIT Digital Ambassadors is here!

It's time to shake up the way we tackle (cyber)bullying.In 2019 we'll be uniting students across Australia to join a national movement of change against online hate. PROJECT ROCKIT Digital Ambassadors will equip 10,000 students with tools to spark action in their schools and build a safer, kinder digital world. And it's powered by Facebook and Instagram so it's free to be involved!Register you school at

Posted by PROJECT ROCKIT on Monday, December 17, 2018

What's it about?

A Digital Ambassador is a powerful source of leadership in the online world - they make every effort to choose kindness and utilise strategies to safely connect and tackle online hate. After originally launching as in-person events, we relaunched in 2021 with exciting digital events. After 10 hugely successful events in Term 3 that saw 10,387 students, we're running an EXTRA 2 events in Term 4. Year 7 and 8 students across metropolitan and regional Australia and invited to attend for FREE.

How does it work?

Stage 1: Empowering events

The online events will bring together students from metropolitan and regional schools to grow a generation of digital ambassadors for school and wider online communities, who are equipped with the empathy and skills to tackle online hate and lead a better, kinder digital world. Tune in with your class to the 45 min event to empower students to tackle (cyber)bullying, build empathy and grow young people to be Digital Ambassadors with tangible skills to lead a positive online world.

Stage 2: Online Action Hub

You have access to the Online Action Hub, providing ongoing resources to reinforce core messages, extend learning and spark peer-led action within schools for navigating the online world. The Action Hub reinforces the event experience into lasting change that can be led by young people. Through the hub, educators and Digital Ambassadors plug into a collective, youth-designed toolkit that gives them everything they need to create social change in their own communities.

Stage 3: Join the movement

With leadership skills, new perspectives, buckets of empathy and a community of peers committed to change, students are ready to use their online power for good. This is more than just a one-off school workshop. You will be plugging into a movement of over 300,000 young people who are united and ready to stand up to bullying - on and offline. Together we navigate the risks and rewards of challenging (cyber)bullying with credible strategies to shut down online hate.

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Working with Facebook and Instagram

In an Australian-first, landmark partnership, Facebook have contributed $1 million to scale up PROJECT ROCKIT’s youth-driven approach. After launching as in-person events in 2019, we see the events go online as a new digital program. This partnership will grow 10,000 Digital Ambassadors from 600 schools in 40 communities across Australia. This builds on an eight year history of PROJECT ROCKIT partnering with Facebook and Instagram to deliver high impact events and campaigns tackling (cyber)bullying. PROJECT ROCKIT serves on Facebook’s global Safety Advisory Board raising young people’s perspectives to those in a position to make positive change.


How do we sign up?

After 10 hugely successful events in Term 3 we are now running an EXTRA 2 online events in Term 4. Spots are limited, so register your students for your preferred date below!

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