CONNECT explores the positive potential of technology, upskilling students with online skills to build connected communities, support wellbeing and navigate harmful experiences.

The big idea: “Every choice you make online has an impact, so the impact you make is up to you."


1. Students have explored actions to support their mental health online, including healthy relationships, mindful consumption, critical thinking, help-seeking behaviours.

2. Students have grown empathy for those targeted by online hate and skills to support peers through tough times.

3. Students are equipped with strategies to navigate harmful online experiences including image-based abuse, deceptive behaviour and (cyber)bullying.

  • PROJECT ROCKIT is endorsed by the eSafety Commissioner as a Trusted eSafety Provider.
  • Our workshops are youth-driven and evidence-based, with all learning outcomes aligned to the Australian Curriculum .


To ensure the most impactful and engaging workshops for your students, all PROJECT ROCKIT workshops require the following essential venue and tech requirements to be met without exception:

Essential venue and tech requirements:

  • Large projector or screen with VGA/HDMI input that can be seen clearly by every student
  • Adequate sound or speakers provided
  • Individual chairs for every student
  • Two roaming microphones (only for groups of 80+ students)
  • Active staff supervision

Suitable workshop spaces:

  • An auditorium or theatre space
  • School hall 
  • Multi-purpose room
  • BER building
  • Double classroom

Unsuitable workshop spaces:

  • Gyms
  • Basketball courts
  • Shared spaces with noisy thoroughfare
  • Spaces where students are seated on the floor
  • Outdoor spaces

Please speak to our Bookings Team for the specific requirements of your workshop as there may be additional items for your students to bring. Finally, we strive to make our workshops as accessible and inclusive as possible. Please check out our Diversity Considerations ( here ) ahead of our visit.

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