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Digital Support & Content Coordinator

Amelia 2024 headshot

Amelia (she/they) is a multi-faceted creative and passionate youth advocate dedicated to cultivating safe and inclusive environments for young people.

With 4+ years working in the social impact space, Amelia brings a love for creative thinking, youth empowerment, business and digital innovation to her role as Digital Support & Content Coordinator.

In her role, Amelia continues to leverage their diverse skill set and lived experiences across community building, advocacy, research, policy and ethical practice to create impactful digital content and resources that empower young people, educators, and parents and carers to navigate the complexities of school, relationships and the digital world with confidence and resilience.

Through their contributions and lived experience, Amelia works to champion the well-being, dignity and safety of youth across fields of mental health, building positive connections, and digital innovation.

Outside of her role you can find Amelia, creating digital art, researching a new topic from a podcast, tinkering with a new app, or cooking up a storm on Sundays.

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