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Gianluca (he/him) has spent 9+ years working with schools, universities and even over in the U.S. to create safe, inclusive and empowering spaces for young people. Gianluca is in his fifth year with PROJECT ROCKIT, collaborating with educators, students and the rest of the team to create amazing programs across Australia.

With a background in facilitation and training within youth empowerment, Gianluca brings a passion for working with young people. His role as a Presenter and Team Coordinator has honed his skills in developing impactful workshops and fostering inclusive environments for young people all across Australia.

As an advocate for student engagement and growth, Gianluca believes that young people are the key to making this world a better place! His commitment is to empower students towards inclusive behaviors to make a kinder and more empathetic world.

Gianluca used to always distract his classmates, now he’s studying to be a teacher - finally a legit excuse to talk in class!

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